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Zack Marshall Music

The Mission

"It is so courageous what you are doing artistically and I just applaud you for it."


Dan Booth                          

AIA Championships 2016

For most students, the end of their music education is high school. A typical musician will play in the marching band, pick up mallets or a flag for a winter activity, and finish out the spring semester with concert band.

The problem is this: two of the three music programs the student participates in is dedicated to only one show. If that show isn't written to challenge, excite, and grow them musically, what was all the time, effort, and money for?

Many band directors and percussion instructors end up buying "band-in-a-can" productions for any number of reasons. This can be frustrating for both the staff and the students because many of the parts are either way too difficult or laughably simple. As a result, the season becomes one long struggle with the students having nothing to show for all their hard work.

Our goal is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the students, and provide your organization with custom arranged or original material that allows them to perform enjoyable and challenging music at a high level.

For this reason, ALL of the shows offered on our website are able to be customized to meet the needs of your ensemble.

Zack Marshall Music partners with some of the best local talent available to the Raleigh area. The right combination of experience between these composers, educators, and performers guarantees a product that will meet all the needs of your ensemble while still being built on the foundation of great music.

-Our Motto-

Make great musicians by teaching great music.

Zack Marshall

Zack Marshall holds a bachelors degree in music theory and composition and has studied on both wind and percussion instruments. More than ten years of professional music instruction and writing has yielded the experience necessary to provide your organization the custom music it deserves.

Charles Patton

Charles Patton has been involved with the marching arts for almost 20 years and holds a masters in education and a bachelors in music education. Charles is a partner of Zack Marshall Music providing assistance in thematic, visual, and drill design.

Matthew Barbee

Matthew Barbee holds a masters degree in percussion performance and studied music composition throughout his graduate and undergraduate studies. Matthew partners with Zack Marshall Music providing assistance in writing and percussion expertise.

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